Run opt1 on dmz for cell phones? Good Bad? Never tried it.

  • Say I help setup a box for a pal who has 4 laptops 4 cellphones Xbox couple of desktops all in the same dwelling.
    Is it a good idea to add a third Nic (opt1 ) set in DMZ connected to an access point or a router (dhcp off) just for the voip or cell phones and use a second AP for the laptops and other wireless devices. Would this not reduce the lag and bottle necking ? , Limited to the wans connection speed of coarse.


  • Without a lot more information the only answer anybody can give you is "maybe".

    It all depends on where your bottleneck is.  If it's the wireless bandwidth then simply using another AP on the same interface may help - no need for another NIC.

  • You really do not need the NIC. It is all depend in the bottleneck is located.  Just like cry havok said the best answer to that is "maybe".

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