Static route in LAN –-- LAN to access a printer

  • Hello ALL,

    I have pretty simple situation that I can not handle. Here is scenario

    WAN –----Pfsense---------switch--------WRT54G---------Printer
                   LAN1                                     LAN2

    Pfsense: GT LAN

    WR54G GT      LAN

    WRT54G has WAN IP assigned by DHCP from PFSENSE

    Printer has IP

    After adding static route to pf still can't access PRINTER from DEsktop IP

    Route added to pfsense:

    Interface:  LAN
    Destination Network:

    I know I am doing something wrong. WRT54G shouldn't have gateway of of pf?

    Please advice.  THX

  • Layout looks like this

    ![static route.JPG](/public/imported_attachments/1/static route.JPG)
    ![static route.JPG_thumb](/public/imported_attachments/1/static route.JPG_thumb)

  • Additionally to creating the static route, you also need to configure your WRT54G correctly.
    Is a firewall running on it?
    Are you doing NAT?

  • Yes,

    FW is off on WRT54G. Do I need NAT for the printer? I think NAT is necessary for service like MSRDP
    3389 TCP etc…. then yes I do, but for a printer I think I need a driver installed on the desktop and that's all for my network printer.

  • Either you route and need the static route, or you NAT.

    Can you disable the NAT? Then you could simply work with the static route.

    If you cannot disable NAT, you need to work with a portforward to the printer.
    You then dont need the static route since you will never access the printer via it's real IP, but via the IP of the WRT54G and the port forward.

  • You mean NAT on WRT54 - right? yes I think I can disable NAT on WRT54G. So then I should be able use real IP of the printer 192.168.1.X - right?


  • Yes.
    Also make sure all devices behind the WRT54G use it as default gateway, and the WRT54G uses the pfSense as default gateway.

  • OK I have changed the default gateway on WRT54G from to that is pfsense gateway and looks like I don't have DNS. If manually add dns server as to WRT54G still no have internet …... is there anything that I have to add on pfsense besides static route to WRT54G?

    Thank You

  • Did you create a firewall rule on the pfSense allowing the subnet?
    Per default only the LAN subnet (in your case is allowed.

  • If WRT54G and all devices should have pf gateway that is so the STATIC ROUTE on pf should be like:

    Interface:  LAN
    Destination Network:

    NOT like now:

    Interface:  LAN
    Destination Network:

  • Sorry but it is obvious by now that you dont have a clue about routing.
    May i suggest that you buy a book about routing, or ask someone that knows more.
    Taking a class in basic networking at your local university might help as well.

    The numbers below are out of your diagram.

    1: Clients behind the WRT54G (including the printer) need to have as default gateway the IP of the WRT54G on it's LAN side.
    –> pool of, with WRT54G as, default gateway of all clients has to be

    2: The WRT54G needs to have as default gateway the pfSense (which is on it's WAN).
    --> WRT54G-WAN: --> Default gateway of the WRT54G:

    3: On the pfSense you create a static route for the subnet behind the WRT54G pointing to the IP of the WRT43G on it's WAN side.
    --> Static route: to

  • This is exactly how everything is configured and still no luck…... I will take a look into log files.

    Finally, I can try a shoot with NAT if static route does not work. But this is very simple example with no additional configuration so I don't know why it does not work.

    What I have noticed that I have 2 identical NIC cards installed and only one is in use but pfsense shows them both UP. The other one should be down as it does not have interface configured.

    "Sorry but it is obvious by now that you dont have a clue about routing." - yeaa I have been fallowing 6 simple academic examples with static routes and none of them works + your GruensFroeschli and I am very appreciate for that. What I did I set up 2 Linksys DD-WRT V24 and static route works with that printer. The same settings were done between PFSENSE and WRT54G and no luck.  I don't know what additional info can give in order to resolve that problem. I need software like pfsense becasue it has more functions that I can use. DD-WRT does not have them  :(

    Regards,  MST

    One more time thank you for your help.

  • Did you make sure the option "Bypass firewall rules for traffic on the same interface" under "system –> advanced" is enabled?

  • After enabling "Bypass firewall rules for traffic on the same interface" under "system –> advanced" ping to network 192.168.1.x was successful.

    Case resolved. Thank You GruensFroeschli for a great support and your time.

    Have a Nice Day!!!

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