Disabled DHCP with PPPOE

  • Hello guys,

    Long time lurker of the forum and decided to finally join up since i'm having a small problem.

    Anyways we have a company with over 60 clients in their own little office. I'd want to make a PPPOE account for every single one, which I did and works great. Now I turned off DHCP on my LAN and everytime they plug in the cable to connect to the ethernet the windows connection (the little computer on the taskbar) gets a yellow exclamination mark, and gets some odd ip. But you can easily connect to the PPPOE and everything works as it should.

    anyone know How I can fix it so I don't get teh exclamination mark?

    BTW this is on the 2.0 version with three nic cards (wan,lan,wlan).

  • Rebel Alliance Developer Netgate

    That happens when they fail to pull a DHCP address, it will use an auto configure address of 169.something.

    The only way around that is to either assign IPs manually, or use DHCP like normal but block everything on the LAN interface except for the PPPoE traffic and DHCP.

  • I enabled DHCP and in the rules field only passed PPPOE for source and Destination, and enabled everything under the PPPOE field in rules, and it's working fine.

    Thanks Jimp.

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