Opinions on this setup please.

  • With in the next 2 months, we are having several network changes at our office.
    We have been using pfSense / monowall for years, and I believe it is time for a hardware upgrade.

    We are installing a VOIP system and would like to use SIP trunking (for at least some lines).
    We are also getting a 100MB shared internet connection.

    Right now we have a IPSEC tunnel setup between our location and our datacenter.
    There is not much traffic via the tunnel, remote desktop, a few file transfers a few times a day.
    We have about 10 Users that have PPTP accounts / access, but really just 2 that use it regularly.
    Almost everyone that connects via the VPN uses it to remote desktop to their PC.

    We use the ntop package every now and then when we are trying to locate problems

    I am looking at getting this tyan main board

    Based on this MB…

    It has 3 built in Nics, one 10/100 Intel 82573L and 2x 10/100/1000 Intel 82573V
    I know the main chipset is not a server chipset, are the NIC chips server quality?
    Would that be server quality Gigabit Ports, or shold I look at adding a PCIe dual Gig Card?
    I want to offload as much from the CPU as possible.

    the MB supports Code Duo/Quad, and Xeon, the Xeon chips just cost a little more for the same speed.
    I'm planning on getting the Quad-Core Xeon 2.66 Ghz (X3330). Would the Core 2 Quad

    I am planning on 4 Gigs of ram

    thoughts, suggestions?

  • We have had great success with Tyan mobos and Intel NICs.  The actual Intel NIC chips are not the identical ones as they use on their 'server' boards, but will certainly do the trick.  I would get this system up and running, then asses whether or not you are seeing the performance you seek.  I would suspect that this system will be more than capable of handling your needs.

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