Watchguard System Reboot

  • I have recently installed v.1.2.3 on a Watchguard Firebox 700 on a 2.5" hard drive by following the instructions found in the forums.

    The system boot and is stable for roughly 15 minutes, then I find the following in the serial output:
    Enter an option: panic: vm_page_free: invalid wire count (-35), pindex: 0x0
    Uptime: 3m34s
    Cannot dump. No dump device defined.
    Automatic reboot in 15 seconds - press a key on the console to abort

    The system usually reboots and is good again for 15 minutes… but then eventually it will hang with "rebooting..." displayed as the last line.

    Any ideas on where to start troubleshooting this?

  • It may not be relevant, but "stable for 15 minutes" doesn't seem consistent with the reported uptime of 3m34s

    I'm not familiar with the particular hardware so I assume from "serial output" that you are using the embedded version of pfSense. Correct?

  • After searching through google, it was recommended to replace the RAM. I did so, and have been up and operational since.

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