A mess with RAM usage in phpsysinfo

  • I run pfSense 1.2.3 on a computer with 1Gb RAM installed. So in the "System" section I see about 35% of RAM utilization. But phpsysinfo shows me 85% used! With number can I trust?

  • Trust the number reported in the System section. I have the same strange results for memory usage from phpsysinfo (96% of 3.86 GB ;D )

  • Ok, this is really strangeā€¦

  • Rebel Alliance Developer Netgate

    In FreeBSD, unused RAM is wasted RAM. What isn't being used by processes is used by the system for caching and such.

    If you want a good number breakdown, go to the system console or ssh and run top, it will show you how much RAM is being used by various bits of the system.

    I suspect that phpsysinfo is reporting how much is being utilized as a whole, and the other (lower) number is how much is being used only by processes and the kernel (not caching, etc).

  • Thanks, now all is clear for me!

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