Dual WAN but NOT Load Balanced

  • Please forgive me as I'm not a networking/routing expert. I would like some guidance in doing the following:

    I presently use m0n0wall, but have a new pfsense installation ready to go.

    I have 2 ISPs: Comcast Business Class Cable & Covad DSL

    I'd like to bring them into a dual WAN pfsense router, but whereas most people want to load balance I do not. Instead I want to direct specific traffic (VoIP) to/from the DSL and everything else to/from the cable modem.

    FWIW, I have all of my SIP/VoIP devices (8!) in a specific IP range so that I can manage traffic to a single ISP at the moment.

    Any guidance would be appreciated.


  • This is called policy based routing.
    Traffic from the LAN will be handled by the rules on the LAN-tab.
    You can specify in a firewall rule to which gateway traffic should be sent.

    However, even if you dont want lodbalancing, you might want to have failover in case one of the WANs goes down.
    For this you create a normal pool, but chose "failover" instead of "balance".
    Then select in the firewall rule the failoverpool instead of the gateway directly.

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