Multiple subnets on one interface

  • I followed a pdf doc I found to add multiple subnets to on interface by inserting the following line in the config file. <shellcmd>ifconfig vr0 inet netmask alias</shellcmd>.

    Inset up the firewall and nat acording to the doc. this allows me to have any ip in the 192.168.x.x subnet but i have to use for a gateway. It would seam with a mask of that any gateway would work. I also tryed no luck.

    My outgoing nat looks like this. is my main ip on interface.

    Interface  Source  Source Port  Destination  Destination Port  NAT Address  NAT Port 
    WAN *                 *                   *                    *             *

    WAN *                 *                   *                 *             *

    My lan firewall looks like this.
      Proto  Source  Port  Destination  Port  Gateway  Schedule  Description 
                      *           *                         *               *       *

    *            *                         *               *       *

    Any ideals?? THanks

  • What is the problem?
    (Sorry it's not clear out of your description).

    No you cannot use as IP for the pfSense with a netmask of /16 because this is the NetID.

  • I need to enable a computer to connect to the network with an ip and gateway hardcoded that is out of the subnet set on the nic. I was trying to acomplish this by setting the nic to use multiple subnet, however when I set the subnet of I can have any ip in the 192.168.x.x subnet but I  have to use a gateway of If I use lets say with a gateway of it wont work. The main subnet on the nic is

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