Electrical Problem

  • Hi,

    We have serious problem after our pfsense is shutdowned anormally. Mostly after electrical cut. it is crashed. How can we solve this problem. any idea?


  • Define your "serious problem".

  • Same problem for us.We just testing for to use or not for our company.
    We found 2 typical problem:

    1)After an electrical cut sometimes it cant load kernel(so it needs reinstall pfsense),

    2)Or sometimes after the electrical cut it cant reidentify the ethernet devices(So it needs restart to solve the problem)But it is not a good solution.Our company has multiparted(at different cities) so it must be setup and forget (:

    Any pratical solution?

  • Use an UPS.
    There is a package which will shutdown the pfSense correctly if the battery gets low.

  • Altough it was a solution,not a good solution for us.Some bureaucratic problems about money and signs.

    So anything that we can do to the system? As mounting some parts of the system as read only or etc?

  • Rebel Alliance Developer Netgate

    Use the embedded installation instead of the full install, then things will be mounted read only (most of the time).

    A UPS is still the best way to go. They are not expensive, and you can damage a lot more than just the OS with flaky power.

  • Yes we tought about embedded but it has not squid?Is it?

    And power supply.Thanx.Yes it is cheap.It is the best way.But we can't. (:

    Any solution without the power supply?

  • http://www.mini-itx.com/store/?c=10

    Still a power supply but…  Add a battery and a charger...

  • I don't think that is something that would be easy to do, and even if it was, it probably isn't cheap enough to be worth it, especially if the computer already has its own power supply.

    By the way, there are packages available for the NanoBSD builds, and I think squid may have been one of them.

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