PfSense 1.2.2 / 1.2.3 config onto 1.2

  • Someone just gave me an ALIX board with 512MB CF from 2 years ago (I believe ALIX C2), and I wanted to use it, but it is pfSense 1.2.

    Question is - can I take the config backup of my 1.2.2 and even 1.2.3 (these are the full and not the embedded) machine and restore it to the pfSense 1.2 on the ALIX board (embedded)???  I am only restoring the main (ALL) pfSense settings- no packages of course.


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    Just reimage the CF card with a 1.2.3-RELEASE 512MB image.

    There is no reason to keep running 1.2 on it.

    And yes, you can restore a config from a full system onto an embedded one, but your best bet is to reimage to 1.2.3 and then restore there.

  • Do you think this ALIX board from two years ago will accept the 1.2.3 nanobsd image?  What I mean is, do you think it'll work on it?  The CPU did not appear to change from two years ago - C2 vs D2 or 3 now.  Just flash and go?  ;D

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    You may need to update the BIOS first but it should work fine.

    It works on my old WRAP (with some fiddling that isn't needed on an ALIX) so I don't see why it wouldn't work on even an older ALIX, provided that the BIOS is current.

  • Thank you sir!

    BTW, when I plug the ALIX board's power, all 3 port lights are lit up even when no CAT5 cables are plugged in…is that normal?  Obviously, when I do plug in the CAT5 in, then the second light for that port lights up too.  I just thought it was strange the 3 LED lights were lit up at the same time.

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    That is normal, on mine one light is one even with a cable unplugged. Not quite sure what that is supposed to indicate. They both blink with activity.

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