Can't access wan2

  • I setup Pfsense in VM using the vmware appliance 1.2.3 in win 7 with vmware 6. ethernet : on board nvidia and dlink 520+ for the two wans and VM ethernet 3 for the local lan. all wan are set up on DHcp to make sure they are connected to the gateway. wan1- 192.168.2.x gateway (default) wan2 192.168.0.x gateway lan 192.168.10.x. wan 2 was able to get IP from the router (wireless).

    Problem is i can't ping the internet through wan2. Firewall is the same with wan1 allow all. Sometimes also i cant ping the gateway of wan2 though it can get IP address. Tried to interchange the connection making the wireless at wan1 and the Nvidia at wan2. still i can't access internet to wan2.

    Some config:
    Outbound NAT- automatic
    static route - NONE
    Firewall none
    host firewall disabled

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