IRC - Invite Only Now?

  • Just tried to join, but was told invite only? What's the deal with this?

  • Rebel Alliance Developer Netgate

    The developer's channel, #pfSense, is invite only. This usually forwards to ##pfSense, which is the support channel.

    This past week, freenode was overrun with spambots so ##pfSense had to be set mode +r, which only lets in users which are identified to freenode via nickserv.

    Then this weekend, freenode upgrade their IRC daemon on all of their servers, which made all hell break loose and screwed up all kinds of things, but it did fix the spambot issues, so now ##pfSense is not set to +r.

    Hopefully people can get back in as usual now. You may have to type in ##pfSense to be sure you go to the right place if the redirect isn't working.

  • Thanks Jim.

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