Alternate Gateway in same LAN

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    I´ve got a LAN ( in which the default gateway is pfSense fw ( vip). The traffic should go across the WAN interface to reach internet, but if the WAN is failing, the traffic should reach internet by a router in the same LAN (

    Is that possible without change the gateway manually in the PCs? Can Pfsense reroute to another gateway (router in this case) located in the LAN that is directly conected.

    I´ve googling for ICMP redirect, Static Routes, or any other solution, but can make it work at pfSense.

    Thank a lot

  • The LAN interface doesn't allow for a gateway configuration. However, if you use an OPT interface for your clients, this will be possible.
    The gateway on the OPT interface will be that alternate gateway and you can setup a failover pool that uses the WAN and that other gateway.

  • Thank a lot. Very usefull  ;)

  • Rebel Alliance Developer Netgate

    This will be doable with a single interface on pfSense 2.0, you can have multiple gateways on the same interface, iirc.

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