PfSense Behind HTTP Proxy.

  • Hey Guys,

    Just got my new Soekris appliance installed few hours ago and it worked great! But I having some problems installing package through the package manager.

    My lab is behind the campus HTTP proxy, that would be look like this:

    –-PC---> |      ---pfSense---> |            ---HTTP Proxy--->    |INTERNET|
    IP:           (WAN)
    Default Gateway:
    DNS Server:

    After i configured my PC web browser to go though http proxy with the address, all the LAN PC can access to the internet. But when i try to install some package using the package manager in pfSense, it would give me an error "check DNS, default gateway, etc".

    Anybody know how allow pfSense communicate with the internet behind a http proxy? Any help would be greatly appreciated!

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