Traffic Shaping Netflix reliably

  • Just to start…I'm a complete newb when it comes to PFSense and I've been reading through trying to learn.

    Basically what I have is a standard home LAN with a 5M down/1M up cable connection.  I have a bluray player that streams netflix...which of course, tries to gobble every ounce of bandwidth.  I am a gamer and I want to be able to play games while streaming and not tank the entire quality of the movie coming down.  I want to make the Netflix streaming (likely by IP) limited up to 4M at the top but not allow it to go under 3M.  1M worth of traffic is enough for me to game alone while if I have friends over and the Mrs. starts a movie, I want a little breathing room...which 2M should be enough.

    I've tried to set up a penalty queue for the IP for the 4M and then go into the penalty queue and change it so it doesn't go under 3M.  I'm sure I've done this wrong as when netflix goes pulls the 5mb and immediately gets bounced down to a very crappy stream rate even though there is nothing else using the bandwidth.

    Any help would be appreciated.  ;D

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