Dual WANlike configuration

  • I'm trying to set up a dual WAN failover/load balancing configuration using pfSense, but I'm not going through any actual ISP WAN links.

    I've got a pfSense box at both ends (local and remote site) and direct connections between them through different leases lines.

    I'm trying to set up where the networks on each end are connected to eachother while load balancing the two leases lines….

    Hm, I hope that makes any sense at all.

    Let's try this.

    LAN1 ----- pfsense1                              pfSense2 ----- LAN2

    IP Config:

    LAN1 :


    We've read all the tutorials and the multi WAN Load balancing tutorial but it seems like w'ere trying to do something nobody else has done yet with pfSense.

    Looking for any help at all.  I've configured and scrapped configs half a dozen times now without any success.

    Thanks a lot for any help or suggestions.


  • You should shut down NAT to make the clients at LAN1 and LAN2 see each other by it's local IP (go to firewall>nat, outbound, enable advanced outbound nat and delete all custom mappings). Set the gateway at pfsense1 link1-1 to pfsense2 link1-2 (WAN). Same procedure for the OPT1 there (with according settings). You also should add some pass any rules to all interfaces. Then at pfSense create a gatewaypool consisting of link1-1, link2-2. Use this pool as gateway for the lan rule at pfSense1. Set this up vice versa at pfSense 2. Oh, and disable block local subnets at both wan interfaces.

    I hope that makes some sense and I haven't forgotten anything. I would be interested if that actually works. Give some feedback  ;D

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