Dell SAS Perc 5 drivers

  • I bought a new Dell 1950 server and I try to install pfsense on it. The problem is! We can't see the disk.
    This new server model run with Dell SAS 5 (SAS 1068-IT) "Perc 5" controller. With Freebsd 6.2-CURRENT I can see the disk to install Freebsd but with pfsense RC3 installation not.
    Someone knows how I can install pfsense on this server?

    After some research I see that i need to load a file name "mpt.ko" available on the Current version of Freebsd but not with the pfsense installation.

  • Does it work with FreeBSD 6.1?  Whether or not it works with 6.2 is irrelevant at this point.  If it doesn't work with 6.1, you'll either have to build your own image or wait for the official releases to be moved to 6.2, after its release.

  • I have the same problem with the same controller in a new dell. Anyone have an image that works?

  • @cferrier:

    … but with pfsense RC3 installation not.

    This Version is MUCH too old and unsupported. Please try which is based on freebsd 6.2 rc already.

  • the dell SAS and PERC 5 cards require the megaraid_sas driver under linux. it was probably not ported to FreeBSD at the time 6.1 was made.

    That said, the snapshots should work for you.

  • I'll give this a shot and report.

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