Multiple WANs what they can and cannot do.

  • I am posting this as I have more than a couple of times people are mistaken as to what multiple wan interfaces can and cannot do.

    They can provide:
    -Use for your internet connection to be able to hold more users
    -Failover Redundancy….if one link dies the other can take over the load (still buggy from what I hear)

    They cannot provide:
    -Faster speeds, I guess this idea is spawn from shot-gunning dial-up lines years ago where you could take multiple modems and connect to the same ISP pooling the connections together forming lines which could download/upload at ISDN/DSL speeds.

  • This is specific to pfSense's policy routing approach.
    (As discussed in Dan's Tutorial, see tutorial section)

    Can's or Benefits

    • Manually assign which service/server or PC goes to which ISP.
    • Manual failover. (As in if one ISP fails, you manually re-assign your LAN PCs)
    • Consolidate multiple routers into one box. (Save space and electricity)
    • Manually distribute the users on the LAN side to available WANs.
    • Simpler to implement in complex situations (especially with VPN connections, etc).

    Cannot or Disadvantages

    • See ZGamer's comment.