Prioritize VOIP on multi WAN

  • Hello, Long time listener 1st time caller. I am running pfSense 1.2.3 embedded. I have 2 separate satellite connections. One on Wan the other on opt1. I have the 2 load balanced. When anyone uses a VOIP phone we can hear fine, but our upload is not heard. I want to make VOIP priority in traffic shaper. I set it to WAN priority, but when I try to add opt1 it eraces the WAN rules and replaces them with the opt1 rules. How should I go about doing this? Thanks


  • No one knows the answer to this?  I'd like to know as well…

  • The trafficshaper in 1.2.3 is not MultiWAN-capable.
    You might consider taking a look at 2.0 (which is beta).

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