Need Advice

  • Do you know a single(dual would be nice) port PCI-Express network card that runs well with pfSense.

    Many thanks.


    Should probably work, I imagine it would use the fxp or em drivers…

    If you only have 1x ports you'll need to step back to the 1 port desktop adapter:

  • Thx I'm going to try these cards ;-)

  • Hi all,

    I'm disapointed it doesn't work, I bought an Intel Pro 1000 PT Desktop adapter (PCIe). It is well discovered by the system itself but a fresh install of pfSense 1.0.1 does not recognizes it….. :-(

    The machine I am using is an HP proliant DL 320G4p and the two NICs on the motherboard are BCM5714 (NC324i, Broadcom, bge driver) but when I try to use them....the problems come up.
    In fact if I activate the two onboard NICs, when system bootup it hangs when links go up and you need to do an hardware reset.
    If I deactivate the first one and activate the second one (using irq15), the two cards are still recognized by the system  :-| ....then I configure the second one and put the link up..... all is ok but after some minutes or hour when the traffic goes high....the kernel crashes and the machine reboots( kernel crash, cannot dump-> reboot)

    So for those who are going to buy the intel card or that type of have to know that you will probably have problems.

    On the intel website, there is a driver for freeBSD. Can I use it with pfSense ? I need to compile it as a module as I can read in the readme.....but kernel sources are not present on pfsense. Can I compile it on another freeBSD box and then copy it to pfsense ?


  • The PT chipset cards aren't supported in RELENG_6_1 which is what pfSense 1.0 and 1.0.1 were compiled from.  When RELENG_6_2 is finally tagged which does support this driver, we'll likely push out a new version of pfSense shortly after.  Until then, I suggest you read the FreeBSD mailing lists regarding issues with the Intel em(4) driver; lots of people are having issues with the latest code.


  • Ok Bill.
    For the moment I have compiled the driver and I have installed it on the 1.0.1 (using loader.conf to load it at bootup). I'm using the card for pfSync only and all seems to be ok. If I have troubles I will post it there to let people know about my tests….
    Will RELENG_6_2 support BMC5714 correctly ?

    Many thx for you advices.

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