1WAN 2 or 3 LAN - Limit Bandwidth

  • This is a hyperthetical question which I hope is simple, but not too simple as to make myself look stupid! - I have had a quick root around.

    If I had 1WAN connection, let's say it's 4Mbit Symetrical.

    If I had 3 LAN connections, could I have LAN1 full bandwidth (4Mbit) LAN2 (2Mbit down, 1Mbit up) and LAN3 3Mbit Down, 1Mbit up.

    Obviously there would be contention between these users, sharing the overall 4Mbit, but is it possible (and simple) to limit a particular NETWORK interface to only have a 1 or 2Mbit speed, (shared across all users on that network)

    Many thanks,

  • At the moment we only support trafficshaping between 2 interfaces out of the box. This is a limitation for version 1.0.

  • This seems to be working but you have to do a lot of the config tweaking (ie manually adding queues and rules) yourself, I'll post a trip report after I get my 2nd pfSense box up at home…

    I haven't actually tested shaping on WAN-LAN on the current box, only WAN-OPT1 (which had me confused for a minute, surely I should be getting better speedtests than 3mbit when I had a 100mbit connection all the way from the ppp client, through pfSense- which was shaping just like it should be, to the internet)

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