1:1 NAT- Outbound Rules

  • I have had a PFSense box up and running for a while now, but I would like to make changes to it. I have 3 NIC's with external IP's. They each have a different IP address all from the same provider.

    I have Port Forward the ports on two of the interfaces to my two servers. I would like to take and 1:1 NAT the third IP. I have done this in the NAT section, and I have created a rule that passes all traffic from the interface to the machine. It works in that regard.

    What I need to do now is route the machine's traffic out of that IP address? I went to NAT and created an outbound rule, but it did nothing for me. The traffic still shows up from the other address.

    What are the proper steps for routing the traffic through a specific IP for a certain machine?

  • This is the rule that I have created:

    Interface  	Source  	Source Port  	Destination  	Destination Port  	NAT Address  	NAT Port  	Static Port  	Description  	
    	[add new mapping]
    		WAN2 	* 	* 	* 	* 	* 	

  • I have also been trying to figure this out.  I tried using 1:1 NAT mapping to map the external IP from my OPT1 interface to the server but outbound IP is still from my WAN.  I thought that outbound mapping might take care of it but haven't tried it yet.  I will want to do that in a test environment to see how it will effect outbound traffic otherwise.

    Let us know if you ever found a solution or hopefully this will bump the thread and get some more eyes on it.

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