• Hi, is it possible to synchronize the configuration in a bidirectional way?, the idea is to be able to change the configuration in any node of the CARP Cluster and have that replicated (opposed to having to modify it always on the first node)

  • Not at this time, nor planned in the immediate future. That introduces a lot of complications and probably isn't worth the considerable effort it would take.

  • Thanks for answering. Another question, are the states synchronized in both direction, in failover/failback events?. I would like load balance Oracle Application Servers and preserve connection between this events.

  • The states do get replicated to all systems.

  • What is the recommended procedure for recovery?

    Let's say FW-A fails, FW-B becomes master… if FW-A returns to service before any changes are required, GREAT - but what it you have to make changes?

    Are you better to re-connect FW-A as a slave to FW-B? Or backup and restore selective parts of the FW-B config to FW-A?


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