GuruPlug Server !! Anyone know if pfSense will be able to use it ????

  • This new guru gadget is in pre-order only, but it has potential …

    Can anyone project the chances of pfSense existing on such an item ?

  • It appears there is already a FreeBSD port to the related SheevaPlug so a good deal of the work is already done BUT I have no idea if there are drivers for all the interfaces (wireless, ethernet, bluetooth).

    It looks as if it would make a very nice firewall.

  • Decisions .. decision ! :)

    This one looks very kewl too …

  • @Mookatroid:

    Decisions .. decision ! :)

    This one looks very kewl too …

    I currently have this unit (the FIT-PC2i) running pfSense at my house.  No issues what-so-ever with it.  Great little device, especially for pfSense.

  • the fit-pc units are MUCH more expensive than the guruplug(it is a sheevaplug with more ports, same marvell SoC).

    at $129 for a guruplug plus with 2 ethernet ports this is absolutely ideal in performance, ports, and price.

    I have a sheevaplug with a usb ethernet setup with debian as a firewall/router for ipsec and filtering.

    The thing is, pfsense (more specifically pf in openbsd/freebsd) is MUCH faster than iptables in linux and pfsense has a much nicer interface and i smore featurefull than any of the linux firewall distros.

    Making ARM or more specifically this Marvell SoC a pfsense platform would be very very nice.

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    First things first, FreeBSD has to run on it before pfSense ever could. If someone can get FreeBSD to run on it, and packages and such will compile on ARM as a target, then it might be possible in the future. No telling when/if that might all come together.

    The only alternative architecture I know of that pfSense is working with right now is the RouterStationPRO board which is MIPS.

  • 8.0 and -CURRENT do apparently run well enough on the sheevaplug to be usable (no SD or flash drivers yet, have to use usb mass storage media).

    The ports are a question mark.  Probably would have to go down the list and check for supported architectures.

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    Once you can get a system running on it, you can compile the ports natively where possible

    Check out the tools repo and see how MIPS is handled, that might give you some clues. The ports all compile on MIPS as far as I'm aware (which is only dimly, mind you)

  • Hmm, it would be interesting if there was a model that had a Marvell wireless chipset supported by the mwl driver in FreeBSD 8.0.  The one listed there isn't the same one though, so that specific one in that system probably won't work.  The driver only lists the Marvell 88W8363 as being supported but that GuruPlug has the 88W8688.  Even if it did have the right wireless chipset, I don't know how things work with those firmware images that some drivers need (mwl being one that needs it).  Are those CPU architecture independent or do they only work on one platform?

  • The 88W8688 is supported by the Linux Libertas driver (see As yet I haven't found out if the driver supports Access Point mode. There is at least one firmware module to be loaded. It should be possible to load the firmware in a platform independent way. I don't know the protocol for porting a Linux driver to FreeBSD. Having the sources for an already working driver would make the creation of a FreeBSD driver a fair bit easier than starting from scratch.

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