Wee problem: DNAT & firewall rules stopped working after RC3 upgrade

  • Hello world
    I have been using pfsense for some time without anything to complain about (actually pfsense rocks.. beers on me if you're ever in christchurch, nz) and recently upgraded from RC2 to RC3 by using the web interface.

    Sorry if this is an already-solved problem but all my DNAT & firewall rules stopped working and no longer do I get ICMP echo replies on the WAN. I would do more to debug this but i'm an iptables man and new to BSD & pfctl.

    I had to delete and re-create all of my rules to fix it. Using the restore configuration feature did not fix my firewall rules or DNAT-ings. reboots diddn't work either (but did fix it when the same issue appeared using RC2).

    seems like this problem existed in RC2 but diddn't cause me any headaches until now. my WAN interface uses dhcp as my adsl modem is a ppp half bridge but has a 30 second lease time - this wouldn't cause problems would it?

    anyway she's running good now. thought it might be worth posting this though.

    thanks for taking the time to read my story

  • Sounds like the config.xml somehow broke. Haven't experienced this yet with any of my installs (neither fresh ones nor upgraded ones).

  • did you find any problem with the 30 second refresh on the wan?
    I am running in ppp half bridge and am seeing the same thing.

    I am having performance issues so was thinking this is the problem.

    Do I understand that you did not have any performance issue?

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