CARP Master slow Web GUI?

  • Hi, i'm testing a CARP setup with two VirtualBox VMs. The thing is, accessing the CARP master's webGUI is notably slower that the backup host. If I shutdown the Master and the backup becomes active, it's web GUI also becomes unreliable.

    Any ideas of what could be the reason?

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    I haven't noticed this in my VirtualBox VM CARP test setup, but it's been a while since I had it all up and running. It sounds like there may be some kind of network or other issue.

    Do you have all the WANs, LANs, etc on different "internal" networks in VirtualBox? For instance, on mine, the WANs are all on a network called "carpwan", the lans are all on "carplan" and the sync interfaces are on "carpsync".

  • They were all on different networks, blaming VBox, I changed all of them to a host-only interface, same issue…

  • Same here on virtualbox 3.1.4. The moment I enable a CARP VIP I start losing packets on that interface. Removing the VIP restores normal functionality. The web gui is slow due to the lost packets resulting in retransmits etc etc.

    I'm on the em driver. after I noticed that pfsense 1.2.3 sadly doesn't have a virtio-net driver.

  • Is there any solution for this problem ? or any work around ,
    i want to test my settings before moving to production .
    should i expect save behavior from VMware as well ?

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