Multiple dhcp relays on a network?

  • I've got two pfSense boxes with CARP IPs on my core network that handle traffic for 6 LAN subnets (1 physical, 5 vLANs) & 2 WAN connections.  The LAN DHCP server (Windows) is on 192.168.1.x and the pfSense boxes relay DHCP requests for the other 5 subnets (192.168.11.x, 192.168.21.x, 192.168.31.x, 192.168.41.x, 192.168.51.x).

    I had assumed that the box that had my CARP IPs would be the DHCP relay (no clue where I got that idea) but that doesn't seem to be one of the settings that is shared.  My question is, can I turn on the relay on both pfSense boxes or will that cause trouble?  Is it possible to have multiple DHCP relays on a single network?

  • Eh.  Doesn't matter any more.  I decided to not push my pfSense boxes and instead bought some L3 switches (Dell PowerConnect 6248) for each of my racks.  LAN routing & DHCP relaying is now being handled by them.

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