Device polling not working on ALIX

  • I have an ALIX with 3 VIA RHINE NICs, and device polling is not working ok with 2.0-BETA1 built on Wed Feb 17 01:21:45 EST 2010 FreeBSD 8.0-STABLE. It DID work correctly with version 1.2.2 but not anymore since upgraded. It would be nice to have it back since I'm a bit limited with the GEODE CPU and back in 1.2.2 the CPU load difference was noticeable.
    To be more specific, routing seems to work ok but processes like ssh or the webConfigurator are extremely slow and irresponsive. Doing a ps from the console I can see 98% of the cpu going to the [idlepoll] process.
    If there's any other info you need just let me know.

  • So nobody is using device polling?

  • Rebel Alliance Developer Netgate

    In my testing it made very little difference on ALIX, and came out poorer in some tests.

    However, if you want to check something, try this:

    # sysctl kern.polling.idle_poll
    kern.polling.idle_poll: 0

    If that is 0, try changing it to 1:

    # sysctl kern.polling.idle_poll=1
    kern.polling.idle_poll: 0 -> 1

    Then re-run your test and see if it is any different. If it's 1, try setting it to 0.

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