Pfsense dual lan

  • I’d like to set up a bridge with a dual wireless link between two buildings.
    Is there a way I can use pfsense to do some loadbalancing and failover + qos?

    I mean a pfsense box on one side of the building with 2 nics for dual link; and 1 nic for lan; and the same for the other building.

    Lan –---- pfsense box -------------pfsense box ------lan

    if not is there another solution to do this?


                       ----   wan   ----  wan ---
    lan1 --  pfsense1                             pfsense2 ----- lan2
                       ----   wan2 ----- wan2---

    make a load balingsinger withfail over
    use as the gateway and monitor ip the ipadress of the wan on the other pfsense box
    add on pfsense1 lan2 as static route
    add on pfsense 2  lan1 as static route

  • thanks for reply;

    How does this failover work?
    i mean : normally failover works with carp between two pfsense firewalls. one shuts down; otherone takes over.
    does this also work between two nic's instead?

  • It pings the monitor IP of the link every 5 seconds. If the ping fails the link will be excluded from the pool until it comes back.

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