• Hi,

    My dual-wan setup is as follows:

    WAN1: PPPoE (public subnet /29, the IP allocated to my WAN interface is the first IP in my subnet)
    WAN2: DHCP (1 public IP)

    I have other boxes in my pfSense-LAN area for which I would like to use public IPs from my subnet of public IPs.

    Which is the correct way of doing this setup, using a router for WAN1 and bridge the whole network on pfsense?
    My goal is to use WAN2 for all HTTP traffic under normal circumstances and for ALL traffic when WAN1 is down.

    I appreciate your comments!


  • I would add virtual IPs for your WAN /29 subnet and use 1:1 NAT to map them to internal machines.

    To make use of WAN1 and WAN2 just create rules for the desired traffic and set the appropriate gateway at the bottom of the "rules edit" page.