Weird pppoe problem when migrated from ADSL to FTTH

  • till now i was on ADSL so basically pfsense on my alix was connected to the ADSL modem in pppoe mode and that worked perfectly fine but just now the telephone company migrated my account to FTTH and now i have a fibre line coming to my home which connects to the the device shown in the link below
    and from this to pfsense WAN port, config to be used is same pppoe connection but what happens is if i reboot my alix then only WAN pppoe gets connected and if from the web gui i disconnect and then press connect again then it wont and in system log shows few mpd errors starting with caught fatal signal etc.

    any help would be greatly appreciated to fix manual disconnect and connect issue.

  • Going to need the actual logs from mpd.

  • plz can u specify how to get the log as im a newbie in BSD?

  • /var/etc/mpd_wan.conf looks as below

    new -i pppoe0 pppoeclient pppoeclient
    set iface route default
    set iface disable on-demand
    set iface idle 0
    set iface enable tcpmssfix
    set iface up-script /usr/local/sbin/ppp-linkup
    set iface down-script /usr/local/sbin/ppp-linkdown
    set bundle disable multilink
    set auth authname "username"
    set auth password "password"
    set link keep-alive 10 60
    set link max-redial 0
    set link no acfcomp protocomp
    set link disable pap chap
    set link accept chap
    set link mtu 1500
    set ipcp yes vjcomp
    set ipcp ranges

    plz let me know the commands to get the mpd log

  • basically im getting the same stuff in system log for mpd

    mpd: Multi-link PPP daemon for FreeBSD
    mpd: process 37549 terminated
    mpd: caught fatal signal term

    and it happens only when alix is running in connected state and then if connection drops for some reason or i manually press disconnect and then reconnect then it wont connect and keep displaying the above in system log but if alix is rebooted then at that time when it tries to connect to WAN, its successful then, so currently if connection drops then i need to keep restarting the alix in order to make it connect.

    in other ways once connected it runs fine without any packet loss as my alix is connected to GPON using the Zhone technology ONT

  • one more thing, being connected to internet y does the gateway section show gateway as offline, is it because its not pingable and showing offline doe it affect anything if im on a single WAN link.
    screenshot below

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