How should I configure my pfsense box with 3 nics

  • Hello to all, we have a T1 internet connect connected to a cisco 1800 router and about 40 users. i want to replace my linksys wrt54 with a pfsense box with 3 nic, what should be the best way to configure my box.
    a: connect the cisco (internet) to the linksys router then run 2 rj45 cables to my pfsense box as wan and opt1 and configure my pfsense box as multi wan and single nic for lan

    B: connect cisco (internet) directly to pfsense box on wan and bridge lan and opt1
    which senario would give me the best output from the single internet connect

    thank you

  • I can't think of any reason for adopting A.

    I can't think of any reason for adopting B unless you want to somehow separate your other PCs into two groups, with each group of PCs having restricted access to the other group of PCs or each group having different permissions for internet access.

    That leaves a two NIC pfSense with one LAN and one WAN.

  • I can think of one reason for going with B, which is if you have 2 devices to connect to the LAN and no switch.

  • I have option B (cisco) running and so I definitely recommend that. :)

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