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  • Hi,

    I'm looking to implement PFSense in a 5 person office that has your standard issue T1 for internet. We are testing to see if we could use Rsync to do off site backups.

    These backups would take place overnight. Not quite sure on the amount of the data to be pushed but the initial seed should be about 28GB.

    My question-Since we are looking to maximize our vpn throughput would using Padlock/Via with the Intel Nic daughercard be a better choice than say an Atom with Intel Nics?

    Thank you

  • Rebel Alliance Developer Netgate

    With only a T1's worth of bandwidth it won't matter much. You can do 1.5Mbit of IPsec on just about anything, even an ALIX.

  • Good to hear.

    Thank you

  • FYI
    I have a Via C7 1GHz, Intel PRO/1000 GT and 512MB ram.

    On my home network the max i have seen CPU usage peak at is 30-32%.
    This is when downloading at 20Mb/s on my cable.

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