PFsense question with digital TV

  • Hi,

    Ive been using pfsense for over one year now and haven't had any problems  ;D

    Now i am trying to setup something but i don't know if its possible.
    Here's my setup :

    cablemodem -> pfsense wan interface (NAT present) -> pfsense lan interface -> gigabit switch -> endusers pc's
    This works great!

    I have digital TV that requires an internet connection which is not natted. Thus plugging it in the gigabit swich does not work.
    Because their setup is based on the mac adress of the setupbox, when connected to the modem it then gets a private ip.

    So this mean i have to put another switch between the cablemodem and the pfsense wan interface

    Is their a possibility that i can add another interface to pfsense and let it bridge the wan interface ?
    So that when the setupbox comes online it can directly connect to the internet and thus receive its private ip ?

    Any thoughts would be appreciated!



  • nobody ?  ???

  • wow, i wonder why the tv cares if the IP is not NAT'ed?  anyway, if your cable co allows multiple IP addresses, you could use the 2nd one for 1:1 NAT, or something like that.  if not, i don't know how you would do this…

  • Thankx for the reply, yes i have 4 ip's.
    Only using one now.
    I will try nattting a second ip to the second interface.

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