Static routes disapearing for monitor ip address

  • I've got a multi-wan pfsense setup with 1 load balancer pool, and two failover pools (wan1-wan2 and wan2-wan1).  I've noticed something reported by other users on the site that after a while the monitor pings all start going out the main wan1 interface.

    On the web gui I looked at the routing table and there was no static route for the wan2 monitor address to force traffic out that interface.  Simple enough to add.. and it fixed the problem, for a time.

    Eventually (could be an hour, or a day) the problem resurfaces, and all the ping/monitor traffic goes out the WAN interface, now when I look at my routing tables, that static route I defined has disappeared.  I checked my config, and the route is still in the config - and if I reload the filters it comes back, but then it eventually disappears.  The monitor IP addresses are each in my ISPs network - DNS servers that respond to pings.

    wan1 and wan2 are DHCP.

    (As an aside, to see if it made any difference, If I set wan2 to static, it doesn't help, and in that case i can NEVER get the route to appear in the routing tables to force traffic down that interface.)

    I'm running 1.2.3-RELEASE on an ALIX board.

    I have seen some other posts referencing static routes that disappear… but nobody seems to have resolved the issue,19022.0.html,2942.0.html

    seems to be causing this guys problem too:,23016.0.html
    but I started a new thread cause the root cause is the routes.

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