Broken Feb 22 16:40:32 EST 2010 snapshot

  • The snapshot built on Mon Feb 22 16:40:32 EST 2010 is broken.

    After about 20 minutes after reboot, the Web configurator and SSH server stops responding and the following are messages appear on console:

    kern.maxfiles limit exceeded by uid 65534, please see tuning(7).

    Actually, the "uid" varies.

  • Had the same issue with a 2/19 build…

    Though it ran for 36 hours before the same error message...

    Update it is my suggestion

  • Rebel Alliance Developer Netgate

    If this happens again and you have console access, fstat(1) was just added to the builds for new snapshots. It will give you a list of all open files on the system, and you can use that output to track down what is going haywire and holding open file handles.

  • Thank you! I'm now on Feb 24 16:11:19 EST 2010 snapshot, and the problem remains – SSH and Web Config inaccessible due to many open files. I took an fstat output but I'm not skilled enough to interpret it so I attached it here. I hope someone would take a look at it and give me an advice. Thanks.


  • Just to verify, I had this same problem. I updated to the snapshot of about 6am or sometime this morning before work after seeing the note that it may be fixed on redmine but on returning home the problem had happened again. I just upgraded again and am not sure if it is fixed now.

  • I'm not sure whether that would have been late enough that the build would have picked up the fix.  Probably any snapshot from later should have the fix, though.

  • Thanks. I was gone most of the day today but some torrents were running and I don't see the message on the console now. Now that I think about it, that was a pretty quick fix. Thanks all!

  • hey guys! can somebody please send me a fresh to my email? The last snapshot(4g nanobsd) is from 20100225. I don't have a fresh freebsd 8 to compile it and Im having this creepy "too many open files" in my pfsense alix box!

    wsartori AT gmail DOT c0m


    Wagner Sartori Junior

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    I'm not sure where you are looking, but the newest NanoBSD snapshot is from the 27th.;O=D

    You don't have to use the full size of your CF, so if you're waiting for a new 4GB snapshot, it's not worth the trouble.

  • What I did:

    • downloaded the LiveCD snapshot
    • mount the livecd in my pc
    • mounted -u -w / in pfsense box
    • scp uzip/usr.uzip from livecd to pfsense box
    • mdconfig, mount, cp the new php module to its new location
    • rebooted my box

    everything working fine now :)

  • Rebel Alliance Developer Netgate

    That works too, but it's a lot of extra work :)

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