Losing WAN network

  • After a couple of months without problem with a new installation, I'm starting to lose network between my pfSense and my ADSL modem.
    This is what I know so far:

    • ADSL is up and no renegotiations have been seen
    • pfSense is working and no other problems exist.
    • As far as pfSense knows the interface seems to be up.
    • When Internet is lost I log into pfSense as root with ssh and
        performs a 'ifconfig vr0 down' / 'ifconfig vr0 up' and everything comes back to normal.
    • No reconfiguration have been done.
    • My ADSL is 24/1 with fixed IP.
    • I've tried to change to Google DNS to see if its the DNS that is failing.
    • The modem is a "Thomson TG585 v7" configured as bridge.

    Is there something that I should do to pinpoint the problem?

    // Assar

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