Need Help: Internet Sometimes Dies

  • So, I'm at a loss for why this is happening but here goes.

    I have a dual-wan box (ADSL and Cable).  Each interface is running, and for the most part, dual-wan works following the 1.2 Setup Guide.  Stickied connections is turned on, but most other settings are default - no other packages are installed.  ADSL is setup behind a bridge modem, and cable is sitting behind another router that grabs the IP from the ISP.

    Every so often, the internet will not work from one of the LAN machines.  All computers are on the same network, same settings (DHCP), but the internet will stop working - for about 5 minutes.  During this time - FROM the lan machine, I can login to the PfSense box, and from pfsense I can ping out to the internet, but I can't ping out from the LAN machine.  It's like the connection stops at the gateway.  This condition is intermittent, and it will jump around from computer to computer.    I've sat at two computers connected to the same switch, and saw one with no issues, and the other one could not connect to webpages.  The next day, their roles reversed.

    Again, it's only temporary and I can't reliably reproduce it.  Any ideas on why this would be happening, or what I can do to narrow it down?  ???

  • Well, I did some more research, and according to this post:

    The user has gone to manual nat and turned on AON.  Is this necessary?  I'll change the setting today and see if there's a noticeable improvement.

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