Is the FreeSwitch package broken on pfsense 1.2.3 RELEASE?

  • I have a pfsense 1.2.3 RELEASE on our vSphere (Esx 4.0) server. Today I tried installing the package Freeswitch, but somewhere in the installation it ended up with a parsing error on```
    /usr/local/pkg/ on line 94

    Something I've done wrong, or is this a known issue?

  • Did you try loading the Dev package by chance? The 0.9.5 package works fine here…

  • It's running here with no issue.

  • After installing the Dev, I receive a different error:```
    Warning: Unterminated comment starting line 5 in /usr/local/pkg/ on line 5 Fatal error: Call to undefined function: freeswitch_php_install_command() in /etc/inc/ : eval()'d code on line 1

    But since others got it working, it's probably on my side.

  • It installed fine for me about 2 weeks ago when I helped someone install it on pfSense 1.2.3. Its almost 5am I need to get some sleep I will give it a try early next week.


    Mark J Crane

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