I dont want to use the router

  • Hi

    I ask the same question in the german board here: http://forum.pfsense.org/index.php/topic,23198.0.html

    but i got no answer til now; i guess there's not that much people who be able to answer right? Thats why i leave the same question here:

    Is it possible to use pfSense without the router and the firewall? That means : there not existing separately WAN and LAN. The machine is just one machine in my LAN. The gateway out is my regular old router(fritz.box). I just need some services like DNS-Forwarder, DHCP, maybe a third one, not specified.

    Thanks for help


  • Some work has been done on a dedicated DNS/DHCP server. See here: http://blog.pfsense.org/?p=244
    You could also just not connect the WAN, turn off the firewall, and use the services you wanted. The 2.0beta builds should let you install with a single NIC.

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