Outbound IMAP/S from LAN dies

  • I have a basic f/w setup with a basic default off the pFsense CD install config. Everything works well except after a few minutes outbound connectivity to a remote IMAP server fails. The e-mail client is thunderbird 3.0. There are no errors in snort logs of the F/W logs and the IP address of the remote IMAP server is not blocked.

  • what does 'fails' mean?

  • After the first 10 mins or so I can connect to the external IMAP server, that is I can login and read and send
    e-mail. This only occurs after a reboot of the f/w. After approx 10 mins, I can no longer log into the IMAP server
    and read e-mail. It's worth noting that the IMAP server is running port 993. All other traffic from the internal LAN to
    the WAN works fine. Its only that port that fails to connect after a while. I have snort enabled and disabled and it
    fails regardless of snorts state.

  • you still haven't answered what 'fails' means.  hangs?  gets an error?  makes your PC explode? :)

  • When i click on get mail in Thunderbird, it eventually comes back with an error, can't connect to mail server.

  • You may want to create a firewall rule to explicitly allow connections to your imap server on port 993 and turn on logging. Watch the log to see if packets are going out after your connection attempt times out.

    You could also use Diagnostics: Packet Capture to find out what's actually transacting.

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