Additional WAN subnet working without VIPs?

  • This is my current setup:

    pfSense 1.2.3
    WAN: X.X.X.24/29
    WAN Gateway X.X.X.25/29

    The 4 available IPs are set as CARP VIPS and nattet 1:1 on servers on LAN and DMZ.

    Few months ago we got an additiona block of IPs  X.X.X.120/29 which I initially configured as Proxy ARP network for the WAN and then setup 1:1 nat to other servers in the DMZ. Everything worked perfectly.

    Today I discovered that earlier today the Proxy ARP network was deleted by mistake in the VIP configuration. I checked the servers that are 1:1 natted with X.X.X.120/29 and they are still working and everything is still nattet correctly in and out.

    Is this because of some arp cahing or it means I was using Proxy ARP when in fact I didn't need any VIP at all for the additional IPs?


  • I found the answer. It was caching. After the server was rebooted, NAT didn't work anymore and I had to recreate the Proxy Arp entry in the pfSense.

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