Ipsec vpn client to certain IP range only

  • I'm looking at implementing pfsense on x86 hw in several locations I work with.

    What I would like to know:

    I need to run an ipsec vpn client on the router that routes all outbound traffic headed to a certain class B network (xxx.xxx.0.0) through the vpn tunnel, but all other traffic through the normal WAN. It would be nice if the tunnel opened and closed itself as needed, but that's not necessary.

    Is this possible/feasible/reasonably straightforward to implement? Also, how would this be affected by a Multi-WAN setup?

  • This shouldn't be a problem. Read the guides or buy the pfSense book.

    In a Multi-WAN setup, you would need to use only one WAN for the tunnels. This info is listed in the docs also.


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