• Hi
    I am currently trying to replace my IPCOP with PFSense but only got about half way.. May be I am not reading every thing but I am struggling with the ovpn setup. After the ISO install I am not able to install OPENVPN. The howto's only get me to down load the tar.gz and fail at the install of OVPN. But the ..vars commands and other arent getting me any where please point me in the right direction

    Hope there is some help


  • What version pfsense are you using? I have 1.2.3 and OpenVPN is pre-installed. Check under the VPN menu.

  • Hi There

    The version was the latest ISO 1.2.3, But I am trying to use the server like a IPCOP openvpn solution using a server and client certificate. Is this possible

    Thank you

  • Yes, as clarknova said it's already installed.  Just go to VPN/OpenVPN in the GUI.  Also, there is a forum dedicated to OpenVPN here…,39.0.html

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