Squid + content filtering

  • I know this has been asked several times and I have searched but no solid answers. We're running PFsense as our FW + Squid as a web cache for a fairly large school district. We're migrating away from our paid content filtering solution and are looking at Dans guardian. I realize that there is no package for DG and probably will never be. What we would like to do is run SQUID on one box and DG by itself on another. Is this possible? We've purchased the PFSense handbook which is great btw (thanks). There obviously isnt much information on this subject in it however so we would greatly appreciate any information that anyone currently has.


    PFSense acting as Firewall + Web cache
    Seperate server running Dans guardian for content filtering.

    Squidguard is not really an option for us because there is no current way to setup bypass accounts for specific users or integrate with AD.

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