Qlandef queue status_queues.php weird BUG

  • A week ago +- I updated to 1.0-RC3, a few days later to 1.0-RC3a, rebooted, then to 1.0-RC3b
    and status_queues.php behaved perfectly

    Two days ago I updated to 1.0-RC3c, rebooted, then to 1.0-RC3d, rebooted, then to 1.0-RC3e
    Since then status_queues.php behave oddly.
    The qlandef queue graph looks full, eventhough it has small value or no traffic, while all the others queues
    look empty, and dont report any b/s or Kb/s, eventhough there is traffic going through them.
    Everything works just fine, we can browse, p2p, play, etc..
    The only way to fix it, is to reboot!

    Another thing that I noticed is that the red lines are react faster to changes than before, not a bug, just an apreciation!

    Just reporting the BUG, hoping it gets sorted before your 1.0 final release.

    1.0-RC3 really improved speed wise, reloading rules, etc.. are way faster now :-)

    THKS for making such a nice project, I love it!!!!

    BTW i'm using a Pentium3 450MHz with 512KB L2 Cache, and 128MB PC100 RAM

  • We have not changed that file in months.

    Not sure how or what would cause your problems but I am not experiencing anything like this on even the latest test build of 1.0-RC4.

  • Today I saw it again, so i took a picture, then rebooted, and still remained the same.

    Is there something I can send you, to help in the diagnose?

    a section of for example?

    Is there a reset, or cache clear, command for the queues? or something similar?

    I don't mean to bother u guys with nonsense, i'm just curious. be well :-)

    It's Automagically(I learned this neat word from billm) normal again! weird.

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