Switched DHCP from Win2k to pfSense, how to get list of clients in Windows?

  • Hi, sorry for the fuzzy topic title but I'm really not sure how to describe it or which feature I should be using :D

    We have four locations, all using the same Active Directory on Windows 2000 Server. The Windows servers used to do DHCP and DNS but now I've switched three locations to pfSense for DHCP because it's faster and easier to manage.

    Before the switch our Windows clients could get a listing of all connected computers in the network in their Windows Explorer, now they just see the computers in the location that hasn't switched to pfSense yet.

    I know it's not that big of a deal but we use it to manage some stuff in our backup software and besides I'm curious as to what is going on :)

    In pfSense, under DHCP Server, I set Dynamic DNS to point to our Active Directory domain name (becogroep.net). Since this name is a publicly resolvable name I also enabled the DNS forwarder and pointed that domain to the LAN IP address of an AD DNS server, the one that used to also do DHCP.

    pfSense uses OpenDNS for its name resolving. I set the AD DNS servers to use the pfSense router as a DNS forwarder.

    Here are some pictures, to… illustrate :) They're clickable.

    | | | | |

    My question is: what do I have to do to get those missing computers back in the Network listing on the Windows clients?

    I'm not sure this even has anything to do with Dynamic DNS by the way. Just thought I'd give it a go. Thanks for your time! :)

    Oh I forgot to mention we have no trouble resolving NetBIOS or DNS names to IP addresses and v.v.. It's just the list thing.

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