• Hello,

    I'm trying to connect a VIGOR 2800 in bridged mode (PPPoE pass-trough) to my WAN interface using PPPoE so I get my external IP on PFsense.
    I've tested the bridge using PPPoE on my windows and it worked.
    I don't need credentials because i get the automatically from my ISP.
    So it doenst matter what credentials I use it always works.
    When I try to connect PFsense using PPPoE on the WAN i don't get a connection. Am I overlooking something?

    ISP ->(PPPoA) -> Vigor2800 Bidge mode -> (PPPoE) -> PFsense WAN

  • Well I've solved my problem. I tried another NIC and it worked!
    Somehow the onboard NIC didn't support PPPoE.
    Although all other functions work like it should.

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