Traffic shaper VOIP add PRIMUS talkbroadband

  • talkbroadband is a canadian voip service
    adding this to the traffic shaper wizard will need the information below.

    Primus TBB uses two audio codecs: G.711 and G.729.
      G.711 is the higher quality codec and uses about 87.2Kbps(1) (including overhead) in each direction
      G.729 is the lower quality codec and uses about 31.2Kbps(1) (including overhead) in each direction.

    talkbroadband uses the following ports
    2427 - 2427 udp/tcp
    16384 - 32767 udp only

    Lingo (us version of talkbroadband)
    uses the same codecs and bw.
    but the ports are as follows
    1020-1032  UDP only
    5060-5065  UDP only
    10000-20000 UDP only