Warning: touch(): Unable to create file /tmp/…

  • Hi Folks,

    I'm using an ALIx 2D3 (500Mhz AMD and 256 MB RAM). My pfsense (1.2.3) box is running squid, 1 WAN and 2 LAN. I've set squid to use 35MB of memory.

    Ever since I enabled the 2nd WAN port on the system, the web gui page loads are veeery slow. Also, everytime I want to do an update, I get a php error:
    Warning: touch(): Unable to create file /tmp/…..
    The rest of the error is dependant on what setting I was trying to change.

    Is this a memory issue?

    The machine is using a CF for its disk space. Orignally, I had Squid set to use 100MB of space, however once this started happening, I reduced it to 35MB but this didnt help

    Could it be an interrupt flooding issue (Since i enabled the 2nd LAN port)?


  • ok folks, i got this sorted. My squid cache was taking up lots of space so I deleted it manually. However please see http://forum.pfsense.org/index.php/topic,23366.0.html for a possible related issue

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